Wednesday, July 29, 2009

embroidery to the moon

Last week, I started to read Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon. A family I am close to had just returned from a trip to France, and I wanted to dedicate some of my mental travel to their recent experience.

I'm really enjoying the book. Some sentence may take me away from the text, my mind might wander, I'll go down a different path, but I can always return to the task at hand: exploring Gopnik's expat life in the City of Lights. I find his writing engaging, thoughtful, and quiet. I believe I could use similar discourse to articulate what I enjoy about embroidery.

cherries on flour sack

I've finished a few more tea towel projects since my last post. I like that the projects are so focused. There's a clear finished point, a last stitch to be made. Watching a movie, my project in my lap, the pleasing repetition of stitches and tracing a line; it's a quiet practice.

I am a sucker for combining color, for finding just the right colorway. I love picking out a pattern, and then going to pick out a few colors for the project. I find it exciting to see colors together in tiny perfect skeins.

Also, as everyone is concerned with being more conservative with their spending, I think embroidery is perfect. The tools and supplies needed are very inexpensive. It's one method of creative embellishment that can turn old projects or clothing exciting again.

Today, I am working on my quilt top, and I am considering embellishing the quilt with little embroidered arrows. We'll see!


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