Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cell Phone Cozy

This evening, from under my bed I pulled out the children's rolling luggage that stores my tangeled yarn and mismatched knitting needles. The latest knitting project? A pink-and-black striped cell phone cozy in honor of a friend's birthday (we are pink and black girls!). Being the impovershed lady that i am, the yarn is Red Heart Acrylic. I have a lovely pink button that will be quite the notion to finish it off (or maybe that blue bunny button will do).

Knitting start

If i could have my way, I would purchase all my yarn from Pluckyfluff. It pleases me greatly to look at all the lovely handspun yarn that is being created and put on the internet. I spend far more hours than i should probably admit looking at pictures of various weights. I imagine running the yarn through my hands, feeling the texture vary, floating on the asthetics of fiber to yarn. Hand-made to hand-held.


Anonymous heather o said...

oh, i love the buttons/hand picture in the layout of your blog. and knitting, egads! i still have masses-o'-yarn for the skirt i want to make, and i've done NOTHING with it because i had such a hard time with the silly circular needles. (i tried scotch tape but it wasn't too effective -- either it was too thick or it still came unscrewed. i guess i just need to try again. you're making me want to knit!)

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Martha said...

That's a really cool header photo. I agree with you about those handspun yarns (and pluckyfluff in particular). Those yarns certainly add to the uniqueness of a project.

7:58 AM  

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