Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Bunny and Girl Stamp
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2 stamps purchased from a dealer in Beverly Hills. When my interent order didn't go through, i called him myself. For once, i was thankful for that 3 hour time diference that often prevents me from contacting those i love in the early afternoon of New England. I told him that i wanted to order 2 of the 1951 Japanese New Year stamps, the one with the girl holding the rabbit. I did my research, you see. We chatted for sometime. I told him that i was going to make a necklace for a friend. He told me he had a grandaughter who went to Brandeis. YOu see, he's retired now. This stamp/postage thing is just a hobby. He loves it. He's in love.

When he sent me my stamps, he posted it with old US stamps, of course! It was so obvious, such a nice touch, but it never occured to me. But then, why buy unispiring stamps when you are surrounded by divine postage?

I am not a stamp collector, but i do get excited about postage of all sorts.

The man wants me to send him a picture of the necklace I make for my friend (same recipient of cell phone holder [still in-progress]).

I will.


Anonymous Martha said...

I just love meeting those people who have genuine passions and are willing to share, like your stamp dealer. Those are the best kind of people.
I am glad you liked the pink elephant!

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Postage Stamps said...

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