Thursday, March 31, 2005

a new addition

a new addition
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the acorn, a new friend. Acorns carry secrets. I wonder what this one's is...

I recieved the little silver acorn in a box full of things I left behind. The left behinds (mostly tea and paper) were at my friend's adobe, forgetten after a wonderful day. It was 1 am, and who was i to remember tea purchased aeons ago at the co-op where I used to volunteer? Anyway, in a box, the acorn and some other ephemera arived yesterday.

I have a button from My My! that says, 'good mail days keep me going.' It's true. It's true.

Trust me

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cell Phone Cozy

This evening, from under my bed I pulled out the children's rolling luggage that stores my tangeled yarn and mismatched knitting needles. The latest knitting project? A pink-and-black striped cell phone cozy in honor of a friend's birthday (we are pink and black girls!). Being the impovershed lady that i am, the yarn is Red Heart Acrylic. I have a lovely pink button that will be quite the notion to finish it off (or maybe that blue bunny button will do).

Knitting start

If i could have my way, I would purchase all my yarn from Pluckyfluff. It pleases me greatly to look at all the lovely handspun yarn that is being created and put on the internet. I spend far more hours than i should probably admit looking at pictures of various weights. I imagine running the yarn through my hands, feeling the texture vary, floating on the asthetics of fiber to yarn. Hand-made to hand-held.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Artsy Blog

This will have to do until I figure out moveable type. This is more of a practice blog than anything else, but who knows...

transformation happens.