Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Postcards and Sights

gun postcard

Yesterday was the kind of sleepy i remember from years ago: bad habbits and death temptations. That type of sleepy where you fall in and out of naps and the responsibility of life is less important, less crucial. One forgets. It can be attributed to the overnight plane flight from LAX -> BDL. I fly for art exhibitions and free photocopies. So when evening rolled along I wasnt so inspired by my bed. Correction: I wanted more time, or maybe i was just on PST. I watned to stay up and make beautiful things and listen to The Smiths and Rufus Wainwright. So i made a postcard to send to a dear one, just to settle myself. I missed my x-acto knife while i was away. Plane rules, plain rules. It had to be left behind

four leaf clover
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I have a knack for finding these. Always have. I look down and pick it out of the gorund, it's quite simple. Maybe it's a sight.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Boxing Mondays


Matchbox Detail backMatchbox Detail Front

Matchbox for a nervousness trade, poorly photographed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spring in NYC

Spring in NYC
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Union Square Farmer's Market, Friday morning.

Cities. In my blood like roots in the soil. I'm contained in pots that resemble subways and notebooks and wandering.

You see, part of art is exploration. Exploration is travel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Embellished Paper Beads

paper beads
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Up until a few months ago, i never liked paper beads. Then, I saw a bracelet made from MTA subway maps and was quite surprised. So, when i saw an artistic paper bead LMAO on Nervousness, I signed up.

I forgot about the LMAO as the site is under construction. Randomly over the weekend, i remembered and Sunday night, instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I took out my x-acto knife, sat on my bed, and rolled paper beads.

I couldnt believe how much i enjoyed it. The bias i had was based on elementry school projects. Such a lovely discovery, these little beads. They're good for stress and nerves. Small things in the hand.

Here are a few paper bead web sites:

Saturday, April 09, 2005

What I did with the Bunny Stamps

back of necklace Close-up of bunny stamp necklace

Here is the necklace i made with one of the stamps. 2 pieces of glass, some copper foil, a lot of soder, and some wire. Oh, and don't forget the black ribbon. Never forget the black ribbon. I am anxious to see how it is recieved. Only 2 days til it arrives at its intended destination. I find that creating birthday parcels is such a grand thing!

The back of the pendent is a jeanette winterson quote:
I'm telling you stories. Trust me.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Completed Cell Phone Cozy

Complete Cell Phone Cozy
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Here is a picture of the completed cell phone cozy. I am quite happy with the way it turned out, though no bunny button. Saving the bunny button for a rainy day or a rainy project, yet to be determined. The rain comes at unexpected times, i've found. 59 degrees and the clouds open. I feel like i should be in new orleans in the winter. That is how i imagine the rain, thick and warm and oh, the smell when the rain hits the iron railings.

This little project is my first real atempt at shaping (besides the stocking i knit to learn) on my own. It is a very logical process, the adding and removing.

I am going to drink Green Moroccan Mint tea and think of steamy rooms while i clean mine. It's messy, not steamy, the room that is. Though my water is boiling and out comes

the steam

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Bunny and Girl Stamp
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2 stamps purchased from a dealer in Beverly Hills. When my interent order didn't go through, i called him myself. For once, i was thankful for that 3 hour time diference that often prevents me from contacting those i love in the early afternoon of New England. I told him that i wanted to order 2 of the 1951 Japanese New Year stamps, the one with the girl holding the rabbit. I did my research, you see. We chatted for sometime. I told him that i was going to make a necklace for a friend. He told me he had a grandaughter who went to Brandeis. YOu see, he's retired now. This stamp/postage thing is just a hobby. He loves it. He's in love.

When he sent me my stamps, he posted it with old US stamps, of course! It was so obvious, such a nice touch, but it never occured to me. But then, why buy unispiring stamps when you are surrounded by divine postage?

I am not a stamp collector, but i do get excited about postage of all sorts.

The man wants me to send him a picture of the necklace I make for my friend (same recipient of cell phone holder [still in-progress]).

I will.