Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Postcards and Sights

gun postcard

Yesterday was the kind of sleepy i remember from years ago: bad habbits and death temptations. That type of sleepy where you fall in and out of naps and the responsibility of life is less important, less crucial. One forgets. It can be attributed to the overnight plane flight from LAX -> BDL. I fly for art exhibitions and free photocopies. So when evening rolled along I wasnt so inspired by my bed. Correction: I wanted more time, or maybe i was just on PST. I watned to stay up and make beautiful things and listen to The Smiths and Rufus Wainwright. So i made a postcard to send to a dear one, just to settle myself. I missed my x-acto knife while i was away. Plane rules, plain rules. It had to be left behind

four leaf clover
Originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

I have a knack for finding these. Always have. I look down and pick it out of the gorund, it's quite simple. Maybe it's a sight.


Blogger ♥ joleen ♥ said...

oh! you're so lucky! i never find these! i love clovers.. my bday is st. pattys day! :D

7:07 PM  
Anonymous andrea said...

oh, my grandmother was *just* like that. we would be out walking and she'd just lean over and pick four-leaf clovers right out -- in fact, she was kinda famous (in westminster, maryland, that is) for creating four-leaf clover collages with her children's school photos right in the middle. it totally is a sight, i think.

btw, found your site via the post card swap - hope i get one from you! ;)

4:01 PM  
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