Thursday, May 26, 2005

knitting ambitions

I can knit, a little. For the most part, I knit on four needles and make armwarmers, legwarmers, and tubes. I CAN knit a scarf, though the edges sometimes come out a bit crooked. My tension is rarely even. However, I am an ambitious girl and i want to 'branch out.' Like so many, I am in love with I want to try and make this scarf.

I dont know what half the phrases on the page mean in terms of knitting. Could any of you talented knitters out there help me? WHere can i learn how to knit together or how to skip a stitch?

Is it possible?

I hope so. I just love that pink!


Anonymous mlle. jojo said...

wow. i can't believe the coincedence.
i started that pattern a week ago, and i'm making it right now, i've done about 8 repititions of the 10 row pattern.

my lovely, however, i've been knitting since junior year of high school and even -i- am having trouble with this, my 2nd lacework scarf.
you should learn the stitches individually - how to yarn over, knit and slip in combinations, and learn a repetitive lacework scarf that will give you lots of practice and room for mistake. this is a 10 row pattern and 5 of the rows aren't quite memorizable. if you like the pink, buy the yarn online, and i'll show you to an easier 4 row lace so you can get your knitting chops around something, y'know? i hate to disappoint you, but even i am having a bit of trouble with this!


2:06 PM  
Anonymous mlle. jojo said...

and as for your comment on your hopes, lovey, do not despair! you just have to take steps to get up to lacework like this. this is to prevent further frustration that i suggest getting even more awesome to ACHEIVE your knotty knitty hopes m'lady!

here is my first lace work thingum that i adore...

it involves yarning over and knitting stitches together, which are shown on the knitting website linked i believe with step by step pictures. it's a simple way to get acquainted with a pattern. good luck.

2:09 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

oh how i know what you mean about reading knitting patterns. heck, i only know how to do the knit stitch and make scarves.

i must say, that scarf pictured is gorgeous! good luck with it.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous elka said...

Im gonna disagree with those who say its hard. Here are the symbols used and a breakdown of how to actually do them:

\ left leaning decrease worked over two stitches by EITHER inserting needle tip into stitch and sliding to right hand needle, knit next stitch, pass the first unworked stitch over the knit stitch OR insert needle tip into first stitch as if to knit, swivel needle tip and insert into 2nd stitch as if to knit into back of stitch and knit those two stitches together OR slip first two stitches one at a time as if to knit and then insert left needle into back of those two stitches and knit together.

0 short for Yarn Over and since it is followed by a knit stitch accomplished by simply bringing yarn between needle tips as if to purl. When you make the next knit stitch the yarn will travel over the needle automatically creating the lacy hole

l knit

/ right leaning decrease worked over 2 stitches most commonly by knitting two stitches together~ insert needle tip into 2nd stitch as if to knit and then into first stitch as if to knit and knit them together

the funky triangle things are 3 stitch decreases which are a combination of / + \ either knit slip one st, knit two tog[the / part] pass slipped stitch over [the \ part] or slip 2 stitches as if to knit, knit one and pass the two slipped stitches together. It is wicked easier to follow the chart IMO so you can see what you are supposed to have instead of reading all those k, ssk, k2tog, o, k's

LASTLY if you decide to change up the pattern a teeny weeny bit by making it knit on wrong side rows [instead of k3, p 25, k3] you will have a garter based lace pattern and can just do away with all that left leaning vs right leaning and do all your decreases by knit two together or for the teepee things knit three together.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blog-along with your progress!!

9:25 AM  

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