Monday, May 02, 2005

Boxing Mondays, round two

Shadowbox for Heather
Originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

Front of shadowbox painting for shadowbox`

I was desperate for communication, but had no words. This was last january and i was desperate. Note, there is nothing attractive about desperation, that type of yearning and longing. I didnt care. So this happened. It made its way from San Francisco to New York City into the hands of someone who would become my lover for a while. Desperation. Nothing attractive about it.

I still think the box turned out nicely, regardless of its emotional backing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:38 PM  
Anonymous Martha said...

Beautiful personal piece. May sound cliche, but the best thing to do with those difficult feelings is transform them into something beautiful.

(Why did I not think of calling it "round two"? Very clever.)

9:17 AM  

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