Thursday, May 26, 2005


I made a mistake: I did not pack my awl for the summer. It is currently in storage and already, I regret the decision and am seriously considering purcahsing another one. In honor of my desire, a little poem/song

all all all all
all i want is an awl
all all all all
all i want is an awl
awl, oh lovely awl, oh lovely awl
always sharp, always fine
almost packed, what a mistake
how will i make
those perfect holes?
all all all awl

knitting ambitions

I can knit, a little. For the most part, I knit on four needles and make armwarmers, legwarmers, and tubes. I CAN knit a scarf, though the edges sometimes come out a bit crooked. My tension is rarely even. However, I am an ambitious girl and i want to 'branch out.' Like so many, I am in love with I want to try and make this scarf.

I dont know what half the phrases on the page mean in terms of knitting. Could any of you talented knitters out there help me? WHere can i learn how to knit together or how to skip a stitch?

Is it possible?

I hope so. I just love that pink!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

postcard swap

I, too, participated in My Little Mochi's postcard swap. I did not want to post pictures of my contribution until i was sure everyone recieved their little piece of post. Anyway, it's been long enough. Below are pictures of the postcards i sent out into the world. It was great fun! Post is one of my favorite things.

postcard 2

postcard 4

postcard 5

postcard 6


The one with the little girl is my favorite, i think.

Monday, May 16, 2005

if this is art...what is life?

Well, i would argue they are the same things. However, i seem to have another blog for less physical evidence of artistic existence.

I frequently promote this little effort in the other blog, but i have no mentioned my other blog here. So, now i will:


Be welcome there, too.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Some things in green

postcard swap -
Originally uploaded by kari bombari.

It looks like Kari recieved my postcard from the swap! Yippie

Twine and Postage
This is one of my zines: Twine and Postage. It's available at my favorite Distro,MyMy! I am quite honored to have an item there. Go support Taryn and her wonderful venture. EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER: ACTUALLY CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! WOW!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Good Mail Week

It has been an excellent mail week. Quite essential in a week of trying events where it does not feel that i have been trying hard enough, though i am trying. Oh trying so hard. Procrastination gets the better of me, as does anxiety, but no matter. For fabulous post is a reason to try and try again.

Postcards recieved

Much of this weeks wonders were made possible by Myra's Postcard swap. The beautiful handmade postcards that have been falling into my little hands are all so unique and special.

Some of my favorites:
postcard by bellablue
I absolutely adore BellaBlue's constellation postcard. It is so lovely.

One Good Bumblebee Postcard
This little postcard is made by Katey of One Good Bumblebee and it is a delight to hold. It's a textural feast: Yum. This photograph cannot pick up the metalic and shiny details, but they are there, i promise.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Boxing Mondays, round two

Shadowbox for Heather
Originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

Front of shadowbox painting for shadowbox`

I was desperate for communication, but had no words. This was last january and i was desperate. Note, there is nothing attractive about desperation, that type of yearning and longing. I didnt care. So this happened. It made its way from San Francisco to New York City into the hands of someone who would become my lover for a while. Desperation. Nothing attractive about it.

I still think the box turned out nicely, regardless of its emotional backing.