Sunday, July 24, 2005

stamping and dropping

Japanese Rubber Stamps

I could have spent hundreds on rubber stamps (instead of clothing) but i showed some restraint. I am now showing some regret for not pushing the 'envelope' a bit more, but here are a few of my stamping treasures, none the less.

Heart dropping postcard

I made 26 postcards for the monstertown swap and dropped them in the post-box long enough ago that i feel it is safe to post the picture of my contribution. The red heart drop is a stamp carved from an eraser. The lace and lines are sewn on with my singer. Oh little singer, sing sing. Today I will use that same machine to make some doll clothing and perhaps some other postal offerings

Monday, July 18, 2005



Imaginary Windows, Issue No. 3 is now available for sale!

A bit of bohemia runs through the entire zine and
within you will discover the following:
-Chai Tea
-A girly centerfold
-stories and wonder
-a liberal girl visits the shooting range
-Subway Sounds
-The Secrets of Travel
-A look at the late work of Unica Zurn
and much more!!!!

The cover and first page are the design work of the splendid Jennie Hinchcliff!!

the logistics...
*26 page half size
* costs 1.60 (1 dollar + 2 stamps) or possible trade



(paypal includes small fee, but such is the price of ease and speed)

Send 1.60 or $1 + 2 stamps to
Erin Fae
PO BOX 170024
San Francisco, CA 94117-0024

e-mail trade ideas to erinfae AT mholyoke DOT edu

issue no. 3 also available at
Other zines:
You can order Twine and Postage, a small art zine, from My My Distro.
Check out my zine page for more information

Sunday, July 17, 2005

another chance

My zine, twine and postage, is back in stock at MY MY DISTRO.

I've been a very busy kitten. Mail art, letterpress, and bookmaking, oh my! Photos and tales to come.


Towards the end of my trip to tokyo, I was reaching multiple melting points. The temperature was in the 90s (with humidity that matched) and I was a bit 'shopped out' (say it was not so!). I needed to do something to save myself from the unbearable crankiness that was taking over and turning...

French Cafe/Bakery in Tokyo

I was in Daikanyama, which is a quiet and fancy shopping area, when it occured to me to do something utterly me. Such a surprise, remembering the things that one enjoys. I am a bit of a tea addict. Almost nothing (save post) thrills me like a bit of afternoon tea. A nosh and a warm something.... This area is lined with little french cafes and i found myself in one, intending just to buy tea. One look at all the darling pastries convinced me otherwise. This little confectionary present was filled with mago and passionfruit and i savoured every delicate bite. The end came to quickly, though i tried to postpone the final taste. It was just what i needed, on that day, when i though i would die on the sidewalk. Oh, how it competed with my irratability...the sugar/caffeine didn't hurt either

Also, a flea market in Harajuku

Tokyo Flea Market,

wonderful finds:
  • an old lock and key
  • a beautiful snuff bottle from the 20s/30s; clear and red with bits of gold. Oh it shined in the light (for a gift)
  • a creepy postcard of a geisha holding a doll
  • a family album filled with magic i cannot put into words
  • metal plates for letterpress (i forget the name at this uncivilized hour)
  • a pair of hair combs
  • my eyes full of wonder
  • Friday, July 01, 2005

    i missed this blog...

    I have not been ignoring this blog, well. not without good reason.

    Its not that i havent been crafting or arting (exactly), i was just in...

    JAPAN. Tokyo called (for years and years and years) and I finally returned the call. With a backpack and hopes and an empty bag to be filled with ephermera and craft books and dollish things and lacey clothes and who knows what else.

    I returned on tuesday and am still recovering. But trust me, i am not abandoning this little project. I like it too much!