Sunday, July 17, 2005

another chance

My zine, twine and postage, is back in stock at MY MY DISTRO.

I've been a very busy kitten. Mail art, letterpress, and bookmaking, oh my! Photos and tales to come.


Towards the end of my trip to tokyo, I was reaching multiple melting points. The temperature was in the 90s (with humidity that matched) and I was a bit 'shopped out' (say it was not so!). I needed to do something to save myself from the unbearable crankiness that was taking over and turning...

French Cafe/Bakery in Tokyo

I was in Daikanyama, which is a quiet and fancy shopping area, when it occured to me to do something utterly me. Such a surprise, remembering the things that one enjoys. I am a bit of a tea addict. Almost nothing (save post) thrills me like a bit of afternoon tea. A nosh and a warm something.... This area is lined with little french cafes and i found myself in one, intending just to buy tea. One look at all the darling pastries convinced me otherwise. This little confectionary present was filled with mago and passionfruit and i savoured every delicate bite. The end came to quickly, though i tried to postpone the final taste. It was just what i needed, on that day, when i though i would die on the sidewalk. Oh, how it competed with my irratability...the sugar/caffeine didn't hurt either

Also, a flea market in Harajuku

Tokyo Flea Market,

wonderful finds:
  • an old lock and key
  • a beautiful snuff bottle from the 20s/30s; clear and red with bits of gold. Oh it shined in the light (for a gift)
  • a creepy postcard of a geisha holding a doll
  • a family album filled with magic i cannot put into words
  • metal plates for letterpress (i forget the name at this uncivilized hour)
  • a pair of hair combs
  • my eyes full of wonder

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There are moments when I am reading your stories and I realize that there is a sense of perfection in your adventures. It warms me, deeply, to know that these bits come out and bless you.

    Love, Bare.

    6:31 AM  
    Blogger Amanda said...

    Sounds like a lovely time you had...and what wonderful treasures you found. Have a good night. xoxo

    6:48 PM  
    Blogger Kim Carney said...

    I am so envious. It sounds wonderful.

    11:29 AM  

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